Top Ten Blogs that You (Probably) Haven’t Checked Out Yet

Given the wide expanse of the Blogosphere many people have produced really awesome and informative blogs that go completely unnoticed. For those of you who like reading blogs but are getting bored of the same old blogs that you’ve frequented for a while, I have compiled a list of blogs that you definitely need to check out. Although some of these are blogs that already have a strong group of followers within a limited circle, they deserve a much wider readership. So here they are (in no particular order):

1. Therefore God Exists…

This blog is run by Richard Bushey who also runs a Facebook group called Protestant Cafe which I am a part of.  Richard Bushey studied theology from Liberty University and has been running, Therefore God Exists… since 2012.   He also has a YouTube channel he uses to host a number of debates over controversial topics such as Oneness vs. Trinitarianism, evolution vs. creation, Atheism, and other inter-Christian issues.  Based upon Bushey’s posts and our personal interactions in the Protestant Cafe group, he is a very detailed, well-thought out, and intelligent blogger.  Even in areas where we disagree, Bushey is well-informed and logical.  One thing that makes this blog unique is that Bushey is a Reformed Molinist! Never heard of that?  Well, check out a number of his well-argued posts for the position.  He also has cool cartoons in almost every one of his posts.  Bushey’s blog addresses issues such as apologetics (he is rock-solid in this area), Christian philosophy, politics, and theology.  Check out his blog here:

and his YouTube channel here:
2. Reformed Collective

This blog is actually a collection of nine established bloggers that write firmly from a Reformed perspective.  I have had the privilege to interact with two of the bloggers, Josh Sommer and Tony Lee Ross Jr. on Bushey’s Protestant Cafe Facebook group.  They have both been very gracious, significantly informed, insightful and possess a rich spirituality that flows from the Reformed tradition.  All contributors must agree with at least one of these three Reformed confessions: The Westminster Standards, Three Forms of Unity, and the London Baptist Confession of 1689.  If you are looking for a rich and powerful dose of Reformed insights check out the Reformed Collective here at their website:

3. Adrian Warnock’s Blog

Warnock’s blog is probably the most well-known blog site represented in this post, since his blog is in the Patheos Evangelical Portal.  However, those of you who do not read Patheos blogs or are not familiar with the Reformed Charismatic Movement probably have not heard of Warnock. Warnock is an author, blogger, and church leader at Jubilee Church – London. Jubilee Church is part of an Apostolic (as in apostles in church govt. not oneness theology) Reformed Charismatic denomination based out of the U.K. Warnock will be particularly interesting for those of you who are interested in all things Reformed or Charismatic. But he also posts some great stuff on God and psychology, complimentarianism, social issues, and general Christian living. Check out his blog here:

4. At the Table

This blog belongs to Shawn Fowler. Fowler is my former mentor in college and is currently the youth pastor at Lighthouse Church of God (a historically Pentecostal Holiness denomination) in Plainfield, CT. The Fowler is a stron1397013_10152006229438885_2132254609_o.jpgg man of God who displays a dual emphasis of deep theological thinking and a robust spirituality. Out of any theologian, this man have effected my understanding and experience of the Christian life more than anyone.  And although Fowler is at a Church of God church right now, he is a charismatic Anglican at heart and his blog posts reflect that vibrant tradition. Fowler blogs on basic Bible text interpretation, Pentecostal/Charismatic theology, ministry, and the theology of the Church Fathers. Definitely check out his blog at:

This blog is run by a collection of NewFrontiers bloggers however it is not a NewFrontiers blog because the bloggers write about many topics that may be outside of what could be described as traditional NewFrontiers concerns.  Andrew Wilson is my personal favorite contributor due to his wise and theologically informative insights. In fact, he had a great blog debate/dialogue with John Piper and Thomas Schreiner over whether or not women can preach under the authority of the elders (Wilson was argued they can, Piper and Schreiner argued they cannot; I am particle to Wilson’s position).  But if you are looking for a blog that is informed and Charismatically Reformed check out this blog!!!

Here is a link to their blog:

6. Heat and Light

According to the website, the Heat and Light blog is “an online resource for Reformed Charismatics, Pentecostal Calvinists, and Empowered Evangelicals.”  This is seriously a wealth of knowledge for anyone remotely interested in the Reformed Charismatic movement.  Heat and Light covers a wide range of topics within the movement and it seems to have tapped into the flow of information from every branch of the movement.  Whether a group is mostly Reformed and partially Charismatic, or mostly Charismatic and partially Reformed, Heat and Light seems to be aware of them.  Especially if you are new to the movement or feel like you have exhausted all the resources you know of on the topic of Pentecostal Calvinism, I suggest you check out the Heat and Light blog here:

7. Commonplace Holiness

Commonplace Holiness is the blog of Craig L. Adams. Adams was a longtime United Methodist minister and now is a lay minister and servant at his current church, Mars Hill Bible Church. Adams is regularly a guest speaker at different United Methodist Churches and his blog still reflects the richness of the Methodistic-Wesleyan tradition. Although Adams blogs on a number of topics, I have been most interested in his thoughts on Entire Sanctification and holiness. Adams’ understanding of entire sanctification is refreshing to anyone who has only been exposed to the prideful and legalistic side of Wesleyanism. In fact, Adams is anything but legalistic or prideful. It was both Adams’ demeanor and his theological insights during our Facebook conversations that were influential in my conversion to a Wesleyan approach to sanctification. Additionally, Adams also takes old Methodist/Holiness books by authors such as Thomas C. Upham and Daniel Steele, and that are no longer in print (and are now in public domain), and types them out into an electronic format so that they are available for free to anyone.  If you want to check out some great posts from a progressive Wesleyan and the people who have fed his soul, check out Commonplace Holiness here:

8. Just Another College Student Blogging

This blog belongs to my friend and brother, Mike Christie.  Mike and I had the privilege of living together for a year in college.   Mike and I have very different approaches to the world and to theology (as was made very apparent in that year together).  However I learned a lot from Mike about what humility is and how a Christian should interact with hard questions and doubts.  This is wonderfully displayed in his blog “Just Another College Student Blogging.”  Mike asks a lot of hard questions in his posts and he doesn’t answer them like your typical classical apologist or theologian.  No, his posts have more of a surreal/real taste to them.  In fact, for most of the people who read the type of blogs that I typically read, Mike’s posts will be the most existential and ethereal answers to challenging faith questions that you will every read.  He has a way of showing you the glory of God in the smallest details. So if you want to read of the rich wisdom the Mike has gained drinking from the wells of the Emergent movement check out his blog here:
9. Anglican Pentecostal

This well named blog is the blog of Dr. William DeArteaga.   DeArteaga is a leader and historian within the Charismatic Renewal of the Anglican Communion and an active member of the Order of St. Luke, which is an Anglican order for the healing ministry.  He has written extensively on the recent renewal and on revival in general. DeArteaga has written three academic-level books on Christian/charismatic history, one of the most interesting being Forgotten Power: The Significance of the Lord’s Supper in Revival. In that book DeArteaga demonstrates the important role the sacrament of communion has played in the history of Revival (which makes my Charismatic Sacramentalist  heart patter). DeArteaga blog posts displays a combination of the beauty of the Anglican tradition and the the energy and vitality of the Renewal movement. He excels at making you hear the music of the wind of the Charismatic revival blowing through the classic instrument of the Anglican tradition.  So if you are interested in reading some of DeArteaga’s posts, check out his blog, the Anglican Pentecostal, here:

10. Reformed African American Network
This is the blog of the Christian organization by the same name started by Jemar Tisby.  The RAAN exists to promote the two-way exchange of the Reformed tradition and the theological tradition of the African American community.  RAAN believes there is need for the riches of the Reformed tradition, which has been mostly dominated by the Western and anglo community, to be shared with the African American church.  However, those in the Reformed tradition also have alot to benefit from the insights gained by the African American church.  RAAN’s blog posts cover a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to) theology, ethics, practical life issues, race, and culture; and all from the vantage point of the Reformed African American community! This blog is incredibly insightful and the church at large listen to the voice that the RAAN blog lifts up.  Out of all the blogs I have listed, this is one of them that I would severely recommend! Check it out here:


So what do you guys think of the list? Have you heard of them? What suggestions would you make? let me know in the comment section below.


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